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This Sunday at DFC – Morri Elliott

DFC welcomes Morri Elliott on Sunday.  Morri is Senior Associate Pastor at Crossroads Community Church in Turlock.  He needs no introduction.  His son, Garett, is our Youth Pastor.

Thank you again, for an amazing send off on Sunday.  Already, I’ve been sharing the memory book, with your photos and notes, with family and friends back here in Orange County.  We are eager for Sunday the 26th of this month when we will participate, along with Stan Leach, in the official Installation of Pastor Matt Kuffle.

If you missed the video last Sunday, watch it here.  “You can do it!” is the message that comes from a little boy who just accomplished his first solo run on a two wheel bicycle, with no training wheels.  Enjoy.

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This Week at DFC – Strong in Grace

Weʼve come a long way since Paul met Jesus on that Damascus road. It has been a missionary journey, but also a spiritual journey. As we have walked with him into the religious and secular world of the first century Mediterranean, we have reflected on our own world. Back then, people resisted the message of grace; refusing the community and fellowship that comes in the new life Jesus brought to the world. We find the same right here, right now. But the church advanced. Then and now.

In the journey, our hearts have been knitted together in a common purpose. As we turn the page and open a new chapter, letʼs be strong. Letʼs be prepared. Letʼs be filled with anticipation. Letʼs prepare to engage.

The God who brought us safe this far will surely lead us home.

PREPARE – Read 2 Timothy 2:1-7

See you on Sunday!

PS  If you missed the photos from last week’s BBQ, CLICK HERE.

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This week at DFC – Passing the Torch

In our study of Paul’s journeys, we have walked with him through cities and villages, seaports and arenas, houses of worship and enormous temples, some of which would become known as “Wonders of the World.” Wherever he went, people’s lives were transformed by the power of the Good News he preached. Communities of faith were established.

We are here because of his work. The relationships he formed were for time and eternity. Today, let’s celebrate the gift he gave us. We have a message to share. A life with purpose. A destiny of hope and joy. We are family. A new day is here.

PREPARE – Read Acts 20


Aubrey and Lucas Fisher got their diplomas last night at the ceremonies of Pomp and Circumstance at Hughson High.  Also, our own Garett Elliott graduated from Cal Stan yesterday.  (Click on photo for larger image)

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This Week at DFC – A Heart for the City

When Paul entered into the city of Ephesus, he encountered powerful spiritual opposition. It was a city possessed. In the confrontation, God unleashed an overwhelming assault on the powers of evil, bringing healing and wholeness to a hurting region.

The theater in Ephesus still stands. It is probably the location described in this week's drama that unfolds in Acts 19.

This Sunday, as we come to worship, let’s contemplate the needs of our area. Our towns. Our cities. Our nation. Think about the impact of the forces of evil on our friends and neighbors; the systemic injustice, the economic pressures, the addictions, the relational turmoil, the loss, the misplaced priorities. Let’s pray for healing and wholeness and an outpouring of the love of God on our towns and cities and nation.

This was Paul’s perspective. It transformed the world.

PREPARE – Read Acts 19

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Mother’s Day at DFC

Join us for Mother’s Day at DFC!

We will continue our study of Paul’s spiritual journey.

We enjoy the protection of religious freedom.  While our forefathers encouraged the pursuit of faith and spiritual conviction, they specifically provided that no particular religious community would control another by the power of the State.

Paul experiences the separation of church and state in Corinth.  While the opposition continued, sometimes with the associated violence, the church moved forward as people were given a free choice, an alternative to the libertine Roman and Greek mythologies and the strict confines of Judaism.  Many chose to step apart from cultural assumptions, and follow Jesus.

Today, you are free to believe.  Or not.  It is up to you.

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Easter Sunday at DFC

This week, hopefully you have taken time to contemplate the events that led to the death of Jesus.  It was for you.  This week, we celebrate his victory.  He conquered death.  He is alive!

We’ll find our Easter message this year from Paul’s first visit to the bustling city of on the Aegean Sea.

Corinth. The adventure continued. The tension was high, as was the drama. When some time later Paul sat down to pen his first of two letters to the church, both the tension and the drama continued. His soaring rhetoric still takes us readers to the heights.

Paul’s words present us a powerful case for the celebration of Resurrection. The life and death of Jesus changed the world. His resurrection has energized believers to this very day.

Sunday morning, we will sing praise.  Then we will start with Paul’s initial visit Corinth. Then we’ll turn to Paul’s letter. Be prepared to lift your voice in praise to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Come join us!  Bring a friend.

(REMINDER:  No Sunday School this week.  We’ll gather around some coffee and light refreshment and then begin worship at 10:30)

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This Sunday at DFC: The Unknown Made Known

When Paul went to Athens, be brought the Gospel to the zenith of philosophical inquiry. On Mars Hill, some of the keenest minds assembled for a daily dose of heady dialogue. Debate was the order of the day. Rarely did the group reach conclusions, or consensus.

For many, endless speculation is the order of the day. It is at the root of aimlessness; the inability to commit; a lack of purpose and direction. Paul brought an explosive message that would change hearts – and transform the world. It would be a solid rock foundation for building a life.

Pause and consider. The unknown has been made known. Take time to reflect on the power of our God, who has made himself known.

PREPARE:  Read Acts 17

See you on Sunday!

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Hughson Invitational

Eleven high schools plus eleven junior high school from all over the region were invited to the state-of-the-art track and field venue at Turlock High School for a day long competition in track and field.

Ed and Jenean Fisher directed the entire affair – including hundreds of athletes and scores of volunteers.  Mark and Deanna Perry were tireless assistants to the Fishers all day long.  Gene and I manned the Triple Jump.

Here’s a video brief (1.5 minutes) that will give you a sense of scope of the event which began before eight in the morning and ended just about sundown after seven in the evening.  Watch for results in the local papers.  Our own Lucas Fisher (3,200M), Alyssa Perry (200M) and Aubrey Fisher (3,200M) performed admirably well.

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This Sunday at DFC – Emancipation Proclamation

The tragedy of human trafficking, slavery, is still with us. While it seems distant and removed, it is real. It breaks God’s heart.

Paul and Silas encountered a young woman caught in the grip of human bondage. She was used. Most likely, abused. When we reach out to those caught in this dehumanizing enterprise, our hearts become open to God’s liberating message.

Many are caught. Maybe you. Today is the day to declare your independence. Let God set you free.

PREPARE – Read Acts 16

BUSINESS MEETING – A brief meeting will follow our worship service to affirm the new slate of officers.

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This Week at DFC: New Players on Team Jesus

When Paul and Barnabas separated, neither may have anticipated the new partners they would find as their adventure in faith continued. He adds three key players to the team. Each will have an impact that would go far beyond their ability to imagine.

As you reflect on your life this weekend, think of the individuals who have come into your life unexpectedly. From today’s perspective, they were heaven sent. Consider their profound impact. Thank God for them.

As we continue our adventure in faith, be assured, God will do it again. Be open. Expect great things.

Prepare: Read Acts 16:1-15

Special thanks to Matt and Lois Kuffel, returning missionaries, for their work and report last Sunday.  Thanks, too, to the Greers for an amazing post-service lunch.

Coming Events:

Sunday, April 3 – special congregational meeting to approve Nominating Committee Report just after the morning worship service.

Saturday, April 9 – Church work day – Spring Cleaning!


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