Posted by: Denair Friends Church | February 27, 2010

Winter Camp – DFC Students Head Up the Mountain

Garret Elliot, DFC’s Student Ministries Pastor, led our students on a weekend outing.  DFC partnered with Crossroads Church.  There were around fifty people in a cabin that was smaller than the DFC sanctuary and this  included the kitchen (where the kids were not allowed), the bathrooms, the meeting room and of course the guys and girls dorm rooms.  There was not much room for personal space, which made for great fun!

When the group left Crossroads Church it was pouring down rain and as they climbed up the mountain towards Cold Springs, the rain simply just turned into snow! The snow continued throughout the night and most of Saturday as well, equaling up to about 8-10 inches while they were there. The kids and Garett made a gigantic snowman (which was about a foot and a half taller than Garett) and had lots of fun in the snow.

The theme of the weekend was “OZ”. They used the story of “The Wizard of OZ” because of the things that the characters set out to find. The first night they discussed the “Brain”, Saturday morning was “The Heart” and Saturday night was “Courage.” They talked about these things and how we need to use them as Christians. Saturday night they had the kids write down something in their lives that they are ready to give up to God or something they wanted to commit to God, then they threw what they had written into a fire. As this was going on, they had an amazing time of worship where numerous kids broke down in tears.

Also, Garett got great feedback from the Crossroads staff members that our kids were a pleasure to have around and that we are welcome back next year!



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