Posted by: Denair Friends Church | March 26, 2010

This Week at DFC

For Sunday, March 28 – Palm Sunday

When Jesus entered the streets of Jerusalem to shouts of “Hosanah!,” he understood that these people’s enthusiasms would be short lived. In less than a week, the crowds turned, now shouting “Crucify him!” That is exactly what they did.

Take some time to prepare for Sunday; to reflect on what has happened over these two thousand years since Jesus gave his life. Sins forgiven. Hearts restored. Purpose. Hope. Life.

Sunday morning during our worship hour, we will look at the church as it was meant to be. In his letter to the Romans, Paul encourages us to bring our gifts. He was not speaking of money. We bring the gift of who we are, made new. We are called.

We celebrate the Resurrection this week. On Good Friday, we will remember the price that was paid to purchase our redemption. Next Sunday morning, we celebrate Resurrection.  Come with a prepared heart. An open mind. A willing spirit. Be ready.

– Ken Kemp, Iterim Pastor


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