Posted by: Denair Friends Church | April 23, 2010

Sprints and Marathons

Special thanks to Troy Ulrich for filling in last week.  Troy brought a fine message from John’s Gospel, chapter 6.  He challenged us to be people who surrender – dropping our guard and allowing God’s Spirit to do his work in our lives.  Thank you, Troy!

This week, we turn again to the book of Hebrews: Sprints and Marathons.  Paul loved sports.  He enjoyed watching the competition.  He knew that athletic events provided lots of examples for growing in the Christian life.  As those churches appeared all over the Roman Empire, he saw athletes deciding to follow Jesus.  They were about to run a new kind of race.

Come and join us.  As you enter into this place of worship, know that you are in the race, too.  Perhaps you are running with an injury.  Maybe you have slacked off in your training regimen.  It could also be that this week, you scored a major victory.  Whatever your condition or ranking in life’s marathon, you are welcome here.

Know this.  It will be a time for reflection.  A time to get centered.  Focussed.

Come with a sense of anticipation.


Ken Kemp


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