Posted by: Denair Friends Church | May 3, 2010

Derrick Cripe and Stephen Moore Head to Haiti

Hello Friends,

Has one ever thought about what would happen if the United States was devastated with a massive earthquake that killed millions of people? An environment where there were hundreds of thousands of dead bodies lay decomposing in the streets waiting to be picked up. Where protein bars and other foods were dropped from helicopters and people fought for them just so they and their families can survive a little longer. Our country had a taste of this type of atmosphere when the catastrophic event of Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, LA of August of 2005.  Praise God we had the resources and the funding to build back from that devastating event. The country of Haiti unfortunately does not have the same benefits as we do as a nation. This is a country that needs our support and love.

In the past few months our spirits have grown restless. We knew that we wanted to go out into the nations, only we didn’t know where. Before the devastation of Haiti’s Port-au-Prince, people didn’t realize that it was one of the world’s poorest areas. Derrick had the opportunity to serve in a small village outside of Port-au-Paix, Haiti at the end of last April. Upon hearing about the devastation of Port-au-Prince, Derrick knew he would return. It is from this same small of village of Passe’ Catawbois that we will be spreading God’s love and serving the people of Haiti and supporting the missionaries that are already there. We will be representing Crossroads Church’s college ministry as well as coming together with multiple other churches to unite as one body of Christ.

For those who do not know us personally. We both serve and attend Turlock Crossroad Church’s college ministries. Derrick Cripe is currently 23 years of age and is working as a welder for JBT (a company who specializes in welding/fabricating food canary equipment in Madera CA). Derrick is also currently the worship leader at Denair Friends Church and Turlock Crossroads Church’s college group. Derrick was a missionary through Caravan Ministries in Tijuana Mexico from June of 2006-August of 2007. Stephen Moore is currently 26 years of age and served as a service member in the United States Navy from June of 2001 to June of 2006. Stephen is currently attending CSU Stanislaus and Modesto Junior College majoring in both Business Administration and Kinesiology. He has gone on multiple missions trips to Mexico through Azusa Pacific University and Turlock Covenant Church.

The cost for the whole trip is $1600 per person. We will need half by April 16th. The journey will start on May 7, 2010. If you can support us in the financial way we will be very grateful. Most importantly, we need your prayer support, for prayer is the foundation in which we walk. If you would like to be part of this mission through financial support, please send a check to:

Plant A Seed Foundation 2172 Dakota Ave. Modesto, Cal. 95358. Memo: Stephen Moore and Derrick Cripe to Haiti

We embark on this mission with Proverbs 3:26-28 in our hearts, having resolved to give all that is in our power to give. We realize without the lord to lead us, the prayers of the church to uplift us, our efforts will be meaningless.

Thank you for your support,

Stephen Moore & Derrick Cripe


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