Posted by: Denair Friends Church | May 21, 2010

Advance or Retreat?

The tension is always with us.  Do we take action; or do we wait?  Do we speak; or do we remain silent?  Do we resist; or do we surrender?  Do we take initiative; or do we let someone else take the lead?

Sometimes it is hard to know.

You may come to worship today with these very questions.  You are looking for wisdom.  You are unsure.

Just for the next hour.  Let it go.  Open your heart.  Let God speak through the time of worship, through His Word.  God promises to give wisdom to those of us who ask.


Let his presence surround you.  Set your burden down.  Now is the time to sip from the well.  Find refreshment.  New perspective.  He cares.  He really cares.

Join us this Sunday as we continue the series “Joy in the Journey”.


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