Posted by: Denair Friends Church | May 21, 2010

Upcoming Speakers at DFC

Carolyn and Ken will be leaving for a trip to Israel at the end of the May as co-hosts of the History on the Move Tour.  They have been invited to leave three days early for a look at Paris.  They have never been there… so they are both very excited.  To give you an idea of their itinerary, click to see an interactive map.  They intend to keep us “in the loop” as they travel via a blog site. While they are away, we are blessed to have three guys we know coming to DFC to bring the morning’s message:
Sunday May 30 – Zac Frampton
Zac is Director of Prodigal Sons and Daughters in Turlock.  “Zac became involved with the ministry of Prodigal Sons & Daughters ten years ago as a young college student in a time of personal struggle.  After earning his BA in Psychology from Cal State Stanislaus, he moved to Southern California where he earned his Master of Arts in Philosophy and Ethics at Biola University.  Zac is grateful for the opportunity to serve in a ministry that was so vital to his own healing and redemption.” – from WEB SITE.
Sunday June 6 – Garett Elliott
Garett leads our “Drive Ministries” Youth Group. The kids in his group will help in the worship and music for this Sunday morning.
Sunday June 13 – Steve Diehl
Steve is founder and director of Forgiveness Ministries in Walnut Creek.  “Forgiveness Ministries grew out of the pastoral ministry of Steve Diehl while he served at the Walnut Creek Friends Church, Walnut Creek, California.  His commitment to help people forgive those who had hurt them, as well as his own personal need to effectively forgive others, drove him to focus on biblical forgiveness.” – from WEB SITE 
Let’s pray together for three great weekends.  Spread the good word!

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