Posted by: Denair Friends Church | July 9, 2010

This week at DFC – July 11

Some people avoid church because the pressure towards perfection is just too great. They feel like they do not measure up. As though their past disqualifies them. As though attending would be some sort of obvious hypocrisy. So they just stay away.

But you don’t stay away.  You’ll be here. You may bring baggage with you. You may bring your doubts and questions. Fears. Disappointments. Uncertainties.

You are not alone.  We are not alone.  Paul keeps us company.   The Apostle confesses that he has not arrived.  The finish line remains distant.  Perfection is not the standard.  Faith is.   So we press on.  Together.

This warm summer morning, we’ll come together as a community of faith.   We come because we have learned to trust.  We trust each other.  We trust God’s Word.  We trust God.

So let’s bring Him our praise. Let’s offer ourselves. Let’s listen for His voice.

We’ll continue our study of Paul’s letter to the Philippians: “Pressing On.”

(Philippians 3:12-21)

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