Posted by: Denair Friends Church | July 30, 2010

Carolyn and Ken Visit Yosemite

It was good to have Carolyn here this week.  We got in a couple of days at Yosemite, one of our favorite places on planet earth.  We climbed Vernal Falls.  We walked the rim at Glacier Point.  We wandered through some of the camp grounds where we camped with our kids back before they grew up and wandered off into adulthood.

It was visibility unlimited, still plenty of clear mountain water going over the falls.

Carolyn’s job at Biola University starts again on Monday.  She enjoyed our new friends here at DFC.  We are blessed.



  1. Lucky you! It’s neat you had time to enjoy Yosemite. Words can’t really describe YNP!
    (In the late 50’s early 60’s we used to go there for the day and the road was a lot like Gratton Rd, in that it was just one lane in each direction with about the same amount of traffic as Gratton Rd.)
    Dad hung out there starting in the ‘teens’ and all his life—his pictures are amazing.
    Yosemite is a treasure for sure.

    • Thanks, Jane and George. Great memories. And thanks, Jane, for helping around the parsonage yard today! Ken

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