Posted by: Denair Friends Church | August 6, 2010

This week at DFC – Sunday August 8: Real Prosperity

New Series: Musings of the King – Studies in the Book of Palms

Prosperity.  Everyone wants it.  For most of us, it means comfort and security.  It speaks of a growing business, upward mobility, an expanding net worth, accumulation of conveniences, provision for future generations.  Who doesn’t want that?

A considerable portion of the planet lives without the hope of this kind of prosperity.  Just this week, many of the world’s billionaires pledge to give away half their wealth.  Will this mean prosperity for all?  Not likely.

The Bible defines prosperity differently.  It is a heart matter, not a material matter.  David learned this the hard way.  True prosperity is a living relationship with the King of Kings.

Search your own heart.  What old ideas about success need to be jettisoned?

Come join us.

Be ready to embrace something new.


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