Posted by: Denair Friends Church | August 13, 2010

This week at DFC – The God Who Hears (Psalm 5)

We can rest in the assurance that our God listens.  Our primary source for this assurance is the Bible itself.  The Psalms are worship songs.  But as often is the case, those worship songs are prayers.

As we come together this week on a summer California Sunday morning, we come with the confidence that our God hears our prayers.  David’s journey from the shepherd’s field to the battle field to the palace on that Jerusalem hill was filled with opportunities to pray.  David learned to converse with God.  The collection of Psalms trace that journey and record those prayers.  David was never alone.

Neither are you.

Come as you are.  Bring your questions.  Your fears.  Like the rest of us, you are the target of an enemy.  You may bring bruises and wounds.

Sunday morning, we will call on the living God.  Together.


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