Posted by: Denair Friends Church | October 1, 2010

This Week at DFC: “Well Done”

This week, we begin our Studies in the Parables and our role in the Kingdom.

Perhaps one of the most sought after phrases at a Memorial Service is for someone to quote the words of Jesus as a blessing on the deceased. “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Most of us are timid about the suggestion that such a benediction might someday be uttered at our own memorial, but the words do indeed come from Jesus as he taught his disciples. He told them stories. We call them “Parables.” They teach us about what Jesus called “the Kingdom.” That Kingdom is coming at the end of time. It is also here. Now.

We have been given much. We have time. We manage money. We live in a network of relationships. We possess each new day. In today’s message, Jesus raises a question. What are we doing with the resources we have been given?

Someday, we will hear the words. We want those words to be “well done good and faithful servant.”

Join us on Sunday morning.  Our adult discussion group meets at 9:00 AM; Worship starts at 10:15.


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