Posted by: Denair Friends Church | November 13, 2010

This weekend at DFC

Tonight:  6:00 PM Ingathering

We will meet together tonight, on Saturday November 13th, at the church to celebrate God’s goodness.  We’ll bring our “first-fruits” as a tangible expression of our gratitude.  Our gifts will be used for three projects that support a global expansion of God’s kingdom:  a) outreach to Cambodia in January 2011, b) much needed carpet and flooring in our entry-way, classrooms, offices and kitchen and c) support for emerging church leaders in Nepal.

DFC leadership asked that I bring a report from Nepal and India.  We’ll enjoy a first-rate meal, bring our praise and worship and point to God’s good work here and around the world.

Sunday Morning, 10:15 AM Lost and Found

  • Our Role in the Kingdom – Studies in the Parables; Luke 15:1-10

When we arrive late, we apologize and then we give our excuse.  Often, it is a story of lost and found.  Or maybe lost and still lost.  Our departure was delayed because something showed up missing.  Keys.  Wallet.  Notebook.  Cell phone.  Paperwork.  Shoes.  Belt.  One of those important accompaniments on the routine checklist was misplaced.  Gone.  Disappeared.  It was not where I left it.  Well, actually it was.  But not where I remembered.

And those anxiety ridden moments of frantic searching resulted unexpected tardiness.

Take a deep breath.  You are here.  No apologies required.  It is time to contemplate God’s love for you.  God’s care.  You are the one who has been found.  That relief you felt when you found those keys?  That’s how God feels when you show up.

See you there!



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