Posted by: Denair Friends Church | December 19, 2010

This Sunday at DFC: Christmas in Isaiah

The lights are up.  The tree is decorated.  The shopping is done (well, almost).  The chill is back in the air.  Dark nights are illumined by the twinkling lights up and down the streets; reindeer and elves, snowmen and Santas.  And here and there, a Nativity.

Christmas always surprises us.  It comes too soon for us adults.  The children get impatient.  Their eyes light up at the thought of Christmas morning.

We all know a real life Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge.  We hope they will be reborn.  But what about us?

Sunday morning, we take time to reflect.  What does this season mean to me?  Hundreds of years before the event, Isaiah saw it coming through his eyes of faith.  We look back.  What do we see?

Join us at 10:15.  Come an hour earlier, well 9 to be exact, for good discussion.


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