Posted by: Denair Friends Church | January 22, 2011

This Sunday at DFC – Welcome Zac

Welcome, Zac Frampton!

This week, Zac will share his heart.  Prodigal Sons and Daughters has been a beacon of hope, restoration and healing for years in Turlock.  Zac, who is General Director, comes to us as a living witness of God’s power to transform.  You will not want to miss his message tomorrow.

Denise Returns Home

Denise arrives home after a long flight today.  You’ll want to catch up on her latest post on her BLOG SITE.  We’ll be anxious to hear the story live and in person.  Here’s a message from her latest post:

We just arrived in Taipei airport! The LAX group board their plane in 30 minutes. Steve and I have an hour to wait. I’ll probably walk around most of that hour. We have a 13 hour flight ahead of us. I don’t know exactly why the the flight to SFO is shorter than the flight from SFO, but I am grateful! Girls, Mom is coming home!  READ MORE>>

Hope to see you on Sunday…  Invite your friends!


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