Posted by: Denair Friends Church | February 18, 2011

This Week at DFC – Only Human

Is God out there or in here?  We know the answer: he is both.  But it seems a profound contradiction.  His ways are beyond knowledge; yet he is known.  He is transcendent; yet he is present.  He is far away; yet he is near.  It is in the contemplation of this mysterious tension that he becomes real.

We come together because we want to experience his presence.  We need his healing touch; his forgiveness; his grace.  Paul brought a radical new message of total liberation to people hungry for more.  Not everyone understood.  Some flat out rejected the Good News.  Others got confused.  Still others became hostile.

This week, let’s welcome the tension.  Let’s bring our questions.  Our disappointments.  Our failures.  Our blessings.  All of them.

Let’s learn to trust.  Together.

See you on Sunday at 9 for Bible Discussion and 10 for fellowship, then worship.

PREPARE:  Read Acts 14


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