Posted by: Denair Friends Church | March 11, 2011

This week at DFC – Change your clock

SPRING FORWARD: Get ready for Daylight Saving Time.  Don’t forget to set your clock ahead on Saturday night.

WORSHIP:  “The Fork in the Road” When families gather, we hope for joy and laughter.  Warmth and affection.  Celebration and easy conversation.  But it is not always so.  Sometimes, tension mounts.  Conflict trumps camaraderie.  Disappointment reigns.

The Church was born in Jerusalem.  It was a new kind of family.  Sometimes, believers moved forward with vision, intentionality, team-work and extraordinary accomplishment.  Occasionally, tension put that momentum off the rails.

But God never gives up on us.  He is in the business of reconciliation.  Redemption.  Restoration.

This coming Sunday morning, let’s seek those three.

PREPARE: Review Acts 15

DISNEYLAND – Because many of our young people are part of this week’s Anaheim Adventure, there will be no DRIVE MINISTRIES this Sunday.

TRAGEDY IN JAPAN – All of us are stunned by the terrible images coming to us from the massive earthquake in Japan.  Let us continue to pray for those impacted by the devastation – the search for survivors, those who suffer the loss of loved ones, homes and businesses and for first responders and all those who mobilize to bring relief.


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