Posted by: Denair Friends Church | March 25, 2011

This Week at DFC: New Players on Team Jesus

When Paul and Barnabas separated, neither may have anticipated the new partners they would find as their adventure in faith continued. He adds three key players to the team. Each will have an impact that would go far beyond their ability to imagine.

As you reflect on your life this weekend, think of the individuals who have come into your life unexpectedly. From today’s perspective, they were heaven sent. Consider their profound impact. Thank God for them.

As we continue our adventure in faith, be assured, God will do it again. Be open. Expect great things.

Prepare: Read Acts 16:1-15

Special thanks to Matt and Lois Kuffel, returning missionaries, for their work and report last Sunday.  Thanks, too, to the Greers for an amazing post-service lunch.

Coming Events:

Sunday, April 3 – special congregational meeting to approve Nominating Committee Report just after the morning worship service.

Saturday, April 9 – Church work day – Spring Cleaning!



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