Posted by: Denair Friends Church | May 13, 2011

This Week at DFC – A Heart for the City

When Paul entered into the city of Ephesus, he encountered powerful spiritual opposition. It was a city possessed. In the confrontation, God unleashed an overwhelming assault on the powers of evil, bringing healing and wholeness to a hurting region.

The theater in Ephesus still stands. It is probably the location described in this week's drama that unfolds in Acts 19.

This Sunday, as we come to worship, let’s contemplate the needs of our area. Our towns. Our cities. Our nation. Think about the impact of the forces of evil on our friends and neighbors; the systemic injustice, the economic pressures, the addictions, the relational turmoil, the loss, the misplaced priorities. Let’s pray for healing and wholeness and an outpouring of the love of God on our towns and cities and nation.

This was Paul’s perspective. It transformed the world.

PREPARE – Read Acts 19


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