Posted by: Denair Friends Church | June 4, 2011

This Week at DFC – Strong in Grace

Weʼve come a long way since Paul met Jesus on that Damascus road. It has been a missionary journey, but also a spiritual journey. As we have walked with him into the religious and secular world of the first century Mediterranean, we have reflected on our own world. Back then, people resisted the message of grace; refusing the community and fellowship that comes in the new life Jesus brought to the world. We find the same right here, right now. But the church advanced. Then and now.

In the journey, our hearts have been knitted together in a common purpose. As we turn the page and open a new chapter, letʼs be strong. Letʼs be prepared. Letʼs be filled with anticipation. Letʼs prepare to engage.

The God who brought us safe this far will surely lead us home.

PREPARE – Read 2 Timothy 2:1-7

See you on Sunday!

PS  If you missed the photos from last week’s BBQ, CLICK HERE.


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