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This week at DFC – Change your clock

SPRING FORWARD: Get ready for Daylight Saving Time.  Don’t forget to set your clock ahead on Saturday night.

WORSHIP:  “The Fork in the Road” When families gather, we hope for joy and laughter.  Warmth and affection.  Celebration and easy conversation.  But it is not always so.  Sometimes, tension mounts.  Conflict trumps camaraderie.  Disappointment reigns.

The Church was born in Jerusalem.  It was a new kind of family.  Sometimes, believers moved forward with vision, intentionality, team-work and extraordinary accomplishment.  Occasionally, tension put that momentum off the rails.

But God never gives up on us.  He is in the business of reconciliation.  Redemption.  Restoration.

This coming Sunday morning, let’s seek those three.

PREPARE: Review Acts 15

DISNEYLAND – Because many of our young people are part of this week’s Anaheim Adventure, there will be no DRIVE MINISTRIES this Sunday.

TRAGEDY IN JAPAN – All of us are stunned by the terrible images coming to us from the massive earthquake in Japan.  Let us continue to pray for those impacted by the devastation – the search for survivors, those who suffer the loss of loved ones, homes and businesses and for first responders and all those who mobilize to bring relief.

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This Sunday at DFC – No Fences

Ever since believers have gathered, there has been controversy. In the early church, the Gospel brought two radically opposed people groups together into the same room – Jews and Gentiles. They had always been separate; segregated socially, economically, religiously and culturally. Now they were The Church – followers of Jesus all.

Tensions and conflicts were inevitable. But in powerful ways, those differences melted away in the power and presence of grace. The early church did not pretend. It faced the issues. New believers resolved their differences and the church expanded.

We come together on Sunday as a diverse and unique people. Let us come in the power and presence of grace. No fences.

Prepare by reading Acts 15.

SUNDAY MORNING BIBLE DISCUSSION and class for all ages: 9:00AM


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This week at DFC – Cambodia Mission Report

This week, Denise Beech will share highlights from her January 2011 two week trip to Cambodia.  If you followed her journal entries on the blog site, you’ll remember her January 21 entry –

The most exciting happened to us right in Battambang (BB). We got to witness seven people accepting Christ over the three villages we visited. The angels were singing! It was the divine appointment God had for us this week. – Back from Battambang

Come on Sunday morning to hear more.  When Paul and Barnabas returned to Antioch, they were welcomed warmly and the people were eager to hear all those stories.  Let’s do the same.

BUSINESS MEETING AND POTLUCK – will follow immediately after the worship service.

STUDENT MINISTRIES WINTER CAMP – has been postponed because of weather.  For more information, contact Garett Elliot.

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This Week at DFC – Only Human

Is God out there or in here?  We know the answer: he is both.  But it seems a profound contradiction.  His ways are beyond knowledge; yet he is known.  He is transcendent; yet he is present.  He is far away; yet he is near.  It is in the contemplation of this mysterious tension that he becomes real.

We come together because we want to experience his presence.  We need his healing touch; his forgiveness; his grace.  Paul brought a radical new message of total liberation to people hungry for more.  Not everyone understood.  Some flat out rejected the Good News.  Others got confused.  Still others became hostile.

This week, let’s welcome the tension.  Let’s bring our questions.  Our disappointments.  Our failures.  Our blessings.  All of them.

Let’s learn to trust.  Together.

See you on Sunday at 9 for Bible Discussion and 10 for fellowship, then worship.

PREPARE:  Read Acts 14

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This Sunday at DFC – Something New

When Paul set out with his partner in ministry, Barnabas, he carried a radical, new message. He could not keep it to himself.

Today, in our sphere, that message is all too familiar. Too many remain unaware of the energizing power of the Good News. As we travel with Paul in that first century, we see first hand how Paul was possessed by that power. It was infectious. It changed the world.

This Sunday morning, let’s consider how that message has affected us.  Come ready to study Acts 13.  Be open to something new.

Bring a friend!

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Lucas Fisher as Willy Wonka

Our own Lucas Fisher starred in the leading roll at Willy Wonka at the Hughson High School production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Well done, Lucas.  He played the role with enthusiasm and style.  A grand performance.

Willy Wonka with his Mom and Dad – Ed and Jenean Fisher

Aubrey, Lucas and Jonah

Enjoy the video short –

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This Sunday at DFC – Authentic Conversion

When our lives are shaken by the unforeseen, we need support.  We need encouragement.  We need care.  God has a mysterious way of providing just what is required.

You may well be in a period of unexpected transition as you come into our sanctuary.  Fear of the future.  Uncertainty.  Insecurity.  Hesitation.  All of these are natural human responses.  God meets us right where we are – just as he did Saul.  Saul’s new assignment would be daunting.  But God equipped him.  His whole world changed.

God is preparing us for a new day.  A new future.  As you prepare for Sunday morning, ask for a willingness to be ready.


Bible Discussion: 9:00 AM | Fellowship 9:50 AM | Worship 10:15 AM


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This Sunday at DFC – Welcome Zac

Welcome, Zac Frampton!

This week, Zac will share his heart.  Prodigal Sons and Daughters has been a beacon of hope, restoration and healing for years in Turlock.  Zac, who is General Director, comes to us as a living witness of God’s power to transform.  You will not want to miss his message tomorrow.

Denise Returns Home

Denise arrives home after a long flight today.  You’ll want to catch up on her latest post on her BLOG SITE.  We’ll be anxious to hear the story live and in person.  Here’s a message from her latest post:

We just arrived in Taipei airport! The LAX group board their plane in 30 minutes. Steve and I have an hour to wait. I’ll probably walk around most of that hour. We have a 13 hour flight ahead of us. I don’t know exactly why the the flight to SFO is shorter than the flight from SFO, but I am grateful! Girls, Mom is coming home!  READ MORE>>

Hope to see you on Sunday…  Invite your friends!

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Denise Beech in Cambodia

Last Sunday, we sent our own Denise Beech to Cambodia for a two week mission project.

Keep up with her on her blog site.  Leave a comment on her site.  She’ll appreciate your encouragement.  You’ll want to read every post –

  • Off Again – January 9, 2011
  • Leaving Tawain  – January 11, 2011
  • Hello from Phnom Penh  – January 12, 2011
  • Game Day!  – January 13, 2011
  • H&H Seminar is Done – January 16, 2011

From Denise:

I appreciate all of your love, prayers and support. I never make these trips on my own. You all are right there with me. I truly am blessed with great friends and family. I hope this journal gives you a glimpse into my experiences. Please feel free to leave me comments. I love to hear from you.

Again, thank you for your support of my ministry work in Cambodia.

You’ll want to visit her site regularly.  She’ll be returning to the states at the end of this week.


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Welcome Zac Frampton

DFC welcomes again our good friend, Zac, on Sunday morning, January 23rd, 2011.

Zac became involved with the ministry of Prodigal Sons & Daughters ten years ago as a young college student in a time of personal struggle. After earning his BA in Psychology from California State University, Stanislaus, he moved to Southern California where he earned his Master of Arts in Philosophy at Biola University. Zac is grateful for the opportunity to serve in a ministry with which he shares such a rich history (from website).

Spread the word!  Invite your friends.

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